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Arasy followed suit and offered the president a finely carved spear decorated with parrot feathers, which he accepted. Then Katupyry said, Welcome to our simple village Big Chief. Our place is your home and our people are your brothers. The president said, Thank you Katupyry. I should have had visited your people long ago but I am now here to build a buy instagram followers cheap constructive relationship between us.

Katupyry said, You must be tired and might want to rest before we start our talks. The president said, I would like to rest but there is no time. I cannot be absent from my office very long; an absent chief loses his power. While they buy instagram followers cheap talked, every member of the village came close to the president one by one to say hello and touch his hand.

Katupyry said, referring to his people’s attitude towards him, They consider you a powerful king from a remote kingdom and that this is their only you in their lives The buy instagram followers cheap president said, The truth is my power is very limited in many ways but what I’ve got, I will use for our mutual benefit. Katupyry invited the president to his hut where we sat on the plain floor as we were served with roasted fish and fresh fruits. That was the moment when the serious conversations started. In this private conversation, it was the president, Katupyry, his wife Arasy, Leonidas and I. Personally I could not believe I was serving as an intermediary between two very different cultures.

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The president took the word and said, I’m here to make a read more proposal to your people. I consider that with the help of Yasy you have done a very good job protecting the Yasuni National Park and I continue doing your patrols the way you have been doing them but with some adjustments. I don’t want you buy instagram followers cheap to attack the oil camps. These activities will affect the park very little and the wealth that will be obtained from the extracted oil will be huge.

Contrary to what you may think, my kingdom is poor with many people in need and this wealth is desperately needed to improve the living conditions of my people. You Katupyry govern for the good of your people and I also govern for the good of my people. The oil is very important to me so I came here to ask instagram followers app your permission. With exception of the oil activities, I will officially name the Tagaeri the Yasuni National Park Rangers with the mission to conserve the rainforest intact and stop any illegal activities inside it, name it hunters, loggers, cattle raisers, farmers and drug farmers with the authority to destroy their equipment, tools, livestock, crops and whatever means or goods they are handling. Meanwhile, at the military headquarters in Quito, General Evaristo Azcuenaga, Colonel Maidana and several other high ranked officers were meeting at the general’s office.

The general started briefing all those present, Our business in the Yasuni National Park is in danger. We now know the president is staying with the Tagaeri for three days. We also know the president knows about our intended operations in the park but he never has showed us any interest in participating. He’s probably negotiating with the Tagaeri so they keep their patrolling activities in the park because he knows he can’t trust us to do the job. So, he has found a way of ruining our plans.

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